Wish List

Welcome to our Expedition Wish List! While one of the main focuses of the expedition is to raise money for OCD Action, we also must consider the practicalities of the expedition itself. We are determined to keep the cost of the expedition and our fundraising activities separate. We are funding the travel expenses ourselves, with help from grants and individuals, and to to make this expedition a success, we will need to be clothed, fed, and safe: if you feel that you would like to contribute to this aspect of the expedition, check out our provisional wish list below! Then send us an email at ccs48@cam.ac.uk or kle37@cam.ac.uk.

1/4 of a bike rental x8

First Aid Kit x1

One-person tent x2

Helmets x2

Backpacks x2

Cost of travel insurance x1

Sleeping bag and mat x1

Cooking Equipment x1

Satellite phone rental