Get Involved

Are you inspired by our physical and mental health goals? You can get involved in our expedition in any number of ways:

1. Subscribe. To keep updated on our activities in the lead up to the expedition, follow this website, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter.

2. Donate. We aim to use the expedition as a vehicle to raise funds for OCD. To donate to OCD Action, our charity partner, head to this link.

3. Contribute. If you are interested in helping to sponsor our cycling equipment, food, medical supplies, or kit to help us achieve our goals, just contact us at or to get in touch.

4. Make a change. Educate yourself about OCD at the website of OCD Action, and read up on the ins and outs of the disorder at any number of further sources. Keep on the lookout for symptoms among friends, and learn about the support services available. OCD Action runs an effective page to introduce those unfamiliar with OCD to the disorder, including a helpful video. By learning about the basics, we can all help to combat stereotypes that I know I have experienced in the past, and that others have experienced to a far greater extent than the little I have faced.