Welcome to the swanky new website of the expedition! This is the first post, written by Chase.

Your first question may be, I’m guessing, why in the world did you pick a weird Icelandic word as your expedition name? Rest assured: it is not so nearly unpronounceable as others in the Icelandic lexicon. ‘Hringvegurrin’ simply translates to ‘ring-road’, the central goal of our expedition. And it sounds cool – I think that’s enough.

The road ahead of us indeed is made up of a lot more than asphalt: so far, we have had the good fortune to be approved by the Expeditions Society committee as a formal expedition, and to have received a letter of support from our partner charity, OCD Action. This is just the beginning, though, and we have lots of big plans in the buildup to our Icelandic journey. There are grant applications to write, sponsors to seek out, conversations to be had, phone calls to be made, bikes to be rented or purchased, kit to be acquired, plane tickets bought, and route planned. We may have some important support behind us already, but there’s a long and exciting distance to go before we even try to balance on our bikes in Reykjavik.

What can you do to get involved at this early stage, I hear you ask? Loads! First of all, check out the website and all its new links to explore our mission, what we hope to achieve, and who we’ll be working with. Check out our team bios to learn more about who we are and what our (admittedly eccentric) interests are. Take a peek at all the pretty pictures I found on flickr. And then, most importantly, take a look at the website of OCD Action: familiarize yourself with the disorder, think about the stereotypes and how we can beat them, and start learning about how you can help others around you. If you feel inspired by our mission and by the mission of OCD Action, have a think about donating. You can do so via this link. If you feel comfortable assisting us with our own costs, we welcome contact at ccs48@cam.ac.uk. If you want, pop us over an email just to get in touch, ask questions, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated and get you answers as efficiently as we can. Watch this space for further updates – I hope to hear from you soon!

– Chase


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