The Mission


2 students. 1332 km.

This summer, Chase and Kate, two undergraduate historians at Caius College, Cambridge, plan to cycle the full length of Iceland’s Ring Road, 1332 km of magnificent roadways, epic coastlines, and far-flung settlements. Before and during their journey, they will collaborate with OCD Action, the UK’s largest OCD-focused charity, to raise the profile of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the university level. Chase’s life has been changed by OCD, and he and Kate want to give back to an organization they know will go on to offer help, guidance, and support to many others going through difficult times. The Cambridge Hringvegurinn – or ‘Ring Road’ – Expedition is about combating stereotypes, defying expectations, and kick-starting conversations about what can be a deeply misunderstood condition. It’s about cycling, but it’s also about using that cycling to bring Obsessive Compulsive Disorder center-stage in university discussions of mental health and to raise money for an organization that can help do just that. It’s about the far-off island of Iceland, but it’s also about how we address mental health back at home. The expedition is focused on the mental just as much as the physical: it aims to use the latter to make a difference in the former.

Join us as we prepare to cycle Iceland’s Ring Road for OCD!